Year 1 Trip to Tyntesfield

Year 1 had an interesting and informative day finding out about Victorian times at Tyntesfield House. As well as exploring some of the one hundred and six rooms, the children took part in a workshop where they handled objects from that period. They played with toys from the past and made one of their own.

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Year 3 Trip to Caerleon 2017

On 6th February Year 3 once again crossed the Severn Bridge to step back in time at the Roman Ruins in Caerleon.  During the day the children were able to experience life inside Roman barracks, search the museum for clues to a questionnaire, step inside a real Roman amphitheatre, and to feel what it was like to be a master or a slave in the Roman era.  In the bus on the way home one of the children was overheard saying, ‘this has been the best day ever!’, whilst another couldn’t wait to get home to tell their mum and dad all about their day.  The day was a real success so it is great to hear such positive feedback out of the mouths of the children themselves.
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Year 7 Trip to Natural History Museum

Our Year 7 pupils recently had a wonderful trip to the Natural History Museum. The day was split into 2. In the morning we focused on biology, where the pupils were allowed to wonder through the amazing areas of mammals, reptiles and human evolution. The exciting Rock the House Show moved our focused on to Volcanoes and Earthquakes after lunch. The pupils were given time to explore the Restless Earth exhibition and experience the feeling of an earthquake in Kobe earthquake simulator. It was a great day and many thanks to Mrs Bray for organising.

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Look, Imagine, Write

The Year 4 children had an exciting morning at the Royal West of England Academy. They were invited to take part in a creative writing art workshop. On arrival, Joel the Education Officer gave them a talk about the building and introduced the current art exhibition. On show currently is ‘The Annual Open Art’ exhibition. Work for this show is chosen by a select committee. Any artist can submit work. Even Prince Charles has two pieces of work on show – although his work is not for sale!  The children were then shown some specific pieces of art and learnt about the stories behind them. They were then split into four groups and used words to describe their sensory experience when touching, seeing, hearing, tasting and smelling an object. This allowed them to think about how to respond to a work of art. They were then allowed back into the gallery space to choose their favourite piece of art. Using what they had learnt in the workshop, they applied this to their creative writing.

Back at school they were given the opportunity to type up their writing in the form of a diary entry, letter, poem or report. The RWA then requested we send some of the work to them. They intend to exhibit our pupil’s creative writing pieces next to the paintings in the gallery for the remainder of the show!  

J Toogood



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Year 4 PGL 2016

The Year 4 trip to PGL this year was to Liddington in Wiltshire. After a brief journey along the motorway we arrived on site and unloaded the minibuses. A short walk to a room to leave our bags was then followed by a site tour and then lunch. Some games were then played before we were able to find our rooms and choose who was having the top bunk!

Over the next 2 days we all took part in a range of activities. Giant swing helped us to work together to pull our friends up high in the swing before they pulled the rope and released the swing. Your stomach feels like it jumps into your mouth when you drop!

Challenge course was a great opportunity to complete a lot of physical challenges and then work together as a team to get around the course without touching the ground.

Climbing was another physical activity, trusting our classmates who were belaying for us. Many of us managed to climb all the way to the top of the wall, despite our nerves, and ring the bell.

At the end of the first day we played a game called Robot wars. It was 4R against 4P and each class had to create a robot. Alfie was the choice for 4P and Mia for 4R. After the creation it was time to set them loose. Each robot was blindfolded and had to be navigated around a course locating cups of water to throw at each other. There were a few soggy children by the end of the evening!

Abseiling challenged a lot of us. The initial step over the bar and the lean to get started was quite frightening but everyone did their best and lots of us managed to bounce our way back down to the ground.

Sensory trail was another chance to practice our teamwork skills. We were all blindfolded and had to work together to navigate our way around a course.

Canoeing was a favourite for many of us. The sun had come out and we had a lovely relaxing time paddling around the lake. We then played a few games which ended up with many a ‘man overboard!’

Survivor was also popular, building dens and making fires. Caterpillar has obviously taught us well and we were very successful in both challenges.

Vertical challenge was another opportunity for us to belay for each other and test out our climbing skills. We all tried really hard and met the challenge.

We all had an amazing time. The adults were helpful and kind, the food was delicious and we all worked well together, showing good teamwork skills and determination.

We would like to thank Mrs Payne, Mr Russell, Josh and Libby for taking us. Please now watch our video, we hope you enjoy it.

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Year 7 History Trip to Blundell’s School

On Monday 26th September 15 year seven pupils went on an archaeology and history trip to Blundell’s School. It was rather wet when we arrived and they were happy to learn the activities would take place inside! The children loved the activities, especially the archaeological dig. The Blundell’s teachers had buried Roman pots and coins and the children had to use trowels and paintbrushes to uncover them. The children also enjoyed learning about the Greek alphabet and acting in some Greek plays. All in all, a fun day out for the children in a new learning environment.

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