Our forest fun adventure started with a walk through bluebell woods down to the stream, we used the nets to find fresh water shrimps and then went on a very muddy walk down the side of the stream, our biggest adventure was to battle our way back up through the middle of the stream scaling through the broken woodland covering  and we all got very wet! We then made a damn and created a large pool of water for us all to play in before sloshing our way back up the muddy hill to school.

Phrases from the children

We built a damn (Jed)

We got soaking wet (Charlie)

We went fishing and found a shrimp (Max)

My foot got stuck in the mud (Henry)

We went for a long walk in the water and can we do this again next week (Elizabeth)

I found a baby shrimp (Toby)

My socks were soaking wet (George)

I found a leech (Elizabeth)

We went slipping and sliding everywhere in the mud (Emily)