About the DSA

The Downs School Association (DSA) is the school’s parent association. The association is very active and serves to host events that both raise funds for the benefit of the children, and facilitate social interaction for the benefit of the parents.

Traditionally the DSA sponsors Arts Week, a major outstanding event in the school calendar. Lately it has also donated to the school two Formula 24 Greenpower Racing Car kits; a Hobbit House and Tree House for the wonderful Woodland Play Area; and extensive Gymnastic equipment for the Pre-Prep.

The annual events traditionally organised by the DSA include Bonfire Night, the Summer Fete and the Summer Ball. Each event is extremely well organised and attended..


DSA Events

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Project Achievements

DSA Funded New Arrivals

Over the past few weeks, children, parents, staff and visitors will have noticed some new arrivals appearing around the school grounds. In the play area behind Coachman’s Cottage there is now a f ...

DSA Contacts

If you have any fundraising ideas or would like to join our friendly team please contact any one of the committee or email the Secretary: secretary@thedsa.net

  • Becky Thefaut (Chair) (Yr4, Yr5 & Yr7)

  • Lisa Green (Treasurer) (Yr1 & Yr3)

  • Julia Trow (Secretary) (YrR & Yr3)

  • Valerie Gunn (School Rep)

  • Darren Evans (Yr4)

  • Mandy Dyer (Yr1)

  • Sarah Martin (YrR & Yr3)

  • Tim Richmond (Yr3)

  • Kate Baber (YrR)

  • Liam Hopkins (YrR)

  • James Rugg (Yr1 & Yr4)

  • Fiona Rugg (Yr1 & Yr4)

  • Tora Sweetman (Yr2 & Yr5)

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