The Curriculum

At The Downs we aim to provide an education for children of all backgrounds who are of suitable ability. All the children have the opportunity to learn, to make progress and to study subject matter appropriate to their age and aptitude. We also appreciate the necessity to provide appropriate academic support for both academically talented children and for those who find the demands of the classroom more challenging.

We genuinely provide an all-round education but the focus of our attention is on the classroom and the pupils’ academic achievement. We challenge and nurture our pupils to acquire skills in listening, literacy, and numeracy, and in the six areas of learning of the EYFS. More specifically we provide children with a curriculum that has a strong focus on the teaching of the core subjects; English, Maths and Science. Simultaneously we embrace a balance of the foundation subjects that is relevant to the school’s culture and the demands of future employment. i.e. modern languages, humanities, technology, arts, music, PE and games.

Aside from the intellectual we value highly the various benefits of exposing all the pupils to a diverse range of experiences such  as the physical, the creative and aesthetic, the human and social, and the technological. In doing so, we encourage our children to be risk takers, enquirers and to be holistic in their approach to education.

We provide personal, health, and social education which reflect the core values and ethos of the school; each child is valued and cared for, each child is safe and secure, each child is challenged and nurtured. We provide experiences in the curriculum that help the pupils prepare for the opportunities and responsibilities of adult life and, we provide considered, objective advice on senior school entry.


Subject Breakdown

The following tables illustrate the number of lessons allocated in each curriculum area in all years of the school. The Reception Year adheres to the EYFS guidelines. Further notes provide additional information demonstrating the manner in which the subjects are taught. Where there is no setting according to ability, the pupils are taught in two mixed ability form groups. A single lesson lasts for 40 minutes.

Years 1 & 2

 Years 3 & 4

Years 5 & 6

Years 7 & 8

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